Very soon after arriving in Manchester in July 2012, boyfriend Paul and I built a 15ft cap of liberty prop, 'Berty', for the 2012 Peterloo Memorial Campaign commemoration.

We were married in the company of our friends in August 2013, then again officially with a registrar in November 2013. Since then, (under the name of 'Agit Props'), we've given a number of prop-buliding workshops and built props and for Friends of the Earth, The V&A Museum, Action Aid, 38 Degrees and Freiburg Scientific Theatre.

I illustrated children's book Xal, le lezard, donne sa langue au sorcier written by Marie Clauwaert, published by Editions Parole in 2013, and co-wrote and co-illustrated Little Worm's Big Question with Paul (Polyp), published by New Internationalist in 2016. I also painted cover illustrations for Conflict and Climate Change (2013), Addicted to Growth (2014) and Sprachlos (2014).

Paul and I are active members of the Peterloo Memorial Campaign Group and the two of us were largely responsible for organising the hugely successful 2015 'Peterloo Picnic'. I came up with the idea for the picnic to reflect or recreate some of what the original pro-democracy protesters would have done had they not been attacked on the day by the military.

In a moving ceremony, followed by musical performances we were able to complete the picnic with a peaceful ending, including a reading by actor Christopher Eccleston of Henry Hunt's original speech. It was the first time the speech has been read out in public since Hunt addressed the crowd that fateful day in August 1819.

I'm a member of the Manchester Skeptics Society and was very pleased to have been able to invite Dan O'Neill from Leeds University to give a talk on Enough is Enough: building a sustainable economy in a world of finite resources in November 2014, as well as helping to organise a panel discussion on GMO's and the Future of Food at the Manchester Science Festival in October 2015.

And there's lots more to come...

I'm looking forward to a bit of quiet time over the next year to continue paintings for the 'Urban Myths' series which I started in Sydney in 2011. I have started a number of Manchester urban landscapes in my head which will hopefully begin to materialise over the next year or so.