On my return from Peru in 2008, I was met at the airport by Mum and Nando who suggested that since one of their housemates was moving out and they would have a spare room, I should stay with them at their house in Lawson Street, Redfern. I agreed. I was exhausted and after so many years of running away from myself it was a relief to be around family again and to feel looked after. I sought professional help and made a firm deal with myself to get well. I set up a studio in the front room of the old terrace house in Lawson Street and did the only thing that felt right.
I painted.

In 2010 Anna gave birth to a son Issa, I started work on my Big Bush exhibition and Nando and I got divorced. We continued to live in the same house as housemates and became better friends than we had ever been.

I had my first solo exhibition Big Bush - Where dreams and memories collide at Sheffer Gallery in Darlington, Sydney in April 2011.

I was now keeping in close contact with Anna, and together we started writing a blog The Inkling.
It was through researching articles for The Inkling that we became aware of the lack of awareness amongst economists and politicians that indefinite economic growth is impossible on a finite planet. We discovered we were not alone in thinking this and as a result we became interested in the work done by the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE). Anna gave birth to a daughter, Mariama, and together we started up an active CASSE NSW chapter and co-directed the Sydney group. Through CASSE I was introduced to the work of cartoonist Polyp.

I was immediately taken by his work and wanted to get to know the person behind the cartoons, so I wrote to him. Polyp (Paul Fitzgerald), responded warmly and an online professional/emotional relationship soon blossomed.

We worked together on a couple of illustration projects via the internet. Firstly the cover of Fight The Power! and then illustrations for the science chapter of The Co-operative Revolution. Both times Paul provided me with design sketches which I used as the skeleton for my finished painted illustration, a method which has become our trademark painted-cartoon style.

In mid 2012 I went to Manchester, UK to visit and meet him in person for the first time.